Elementary School

Company elementary school

In addition to our nursery and preschool/kindergarten care, our employees are also eligible for enrolling their children in our very own all-day elementary school: the Frieda Lang Haus für Kinder GmbH's Private Elementary School on the premises of the Christian-von-Bomhard-Schule in Uffenheim. Care hours are from 5:30 am through 4:00 pm (extendable to 6:00 pm, if required).

Montessori educational principles

Based on the Bavarian Elementary School Curriculum and Montessori educational principles, the children are taught in mixed-age classrooms from first through fourth grade. In addition to core and specialized classes, the children participate in multidisciplinary projects.


The curriculum also includes "forest days", theater projects, and school festivities. English classes start in first grade, and all children have the opportunity to take piano and guitar lessons.

Services during school holidays

The Frieda Lang Haus offers homework tutoring and day care services during school holidays (except between Christmas and New Year). During school holidays children can take part in a special holiday program.