Michael L.

I find it exciting that I am able to wear so many different hats at work.

What do you like about MEKRA?
I like especially the company philosophy and the work atmosphere. We are all on the same page working to strengthen and build on our position as a global market leader. The short chain of command facilitates collaboration and allows us to make quick decisions. I also appreciate the company’s attitude towards its employees and their efforts to promote a healthy work-life balance.

What do you like best about your job?
I find it exciting that I am able to wear so many different hats at work. In addition to supporting our university students who participate in the integrated degree program, trainees and interns, I am also involved in employee training and development. Specifically, I determine which qualifications our employees need to acquire and provide them with opportunities to do so. We need targeted training programs to make sure that both our employees and the company can continue to develop successfully long into the future. I also enjoy designing personnel marketing initiatives like organizing the once-a-week in-house training day for high school students or participating in job fairs. Being able to collaborate with my colleagues in all areas makes my work very enjoyable.

How would you describe your role as a student advisor?
Promoting young talent is very important to us. The integrated degree concept allows our students to combine academic learning with workplace training. This is where I support my young colleagues. It is important to me that students get as complete a picture of MEKRA as possible and build up a network in the company and learn to assume responsibility for specific tasks and projects. I help them make contacts and plan departmental rotations with them. I analyze the strengths and main interests of our students throughout their course of study and early on get them on the right track for future employment in the area of their choice.

Are you using other company services like the cafeteria, reduced ticket prices for events, etc.?
I always eat lunch in our cafeteria. I also use this time to keep in contact with my colleagues and have a conversation about topics outside MEKRA in a relaxed atmosphere.
I also enjoy wellness services like massages or business yoga.